Escorts; A Description Of The Adult Industry

The topic of adult escorts is one that is considered taboo by many, so therefore when writing about them you need to know how to use the right kind of language. When describing them, it is your role to be informative, and while leaving a hint about the pleasure that can be derived from them, you don’t want to write smutty content that will just look cheap and nasty. It’s all about finding the balance of informing, and making insinuations about the potential fun on offer.

So, you want to describe escorts to others. Instead of focusing on the specifics, such as their assets, just give a general description that would apply to any escort. Talk about what they do, and give your readers a perspective, but don’t drift off and begin writing erotic content. You want to reason with your readers, and present escorting as an acceptable occupation. You need to describe its benefits (to both workers and clients), and make it look like the desirable industry that it is, rather than a dirty one.

If you do that, it becomes much easier to introduce a potential customer to escorts. They will have heard all that is good, and will be longing to experience the ecstasy escorts bring for themselves. Firstly, you should just whet their appetite, and look up a few escort sites online which hint at the sort of action they provide. Sites such as are fresh and not sleazy, the escorts are beautiful and sexy, and this helps to put your possible customer at ease. It will get rid of any misconceptions they may still have, and encourage them to take that leap of faith.

Once you have established all of that common ground, then you can begin to write more explicitly and talk about the pornographic material that is available on the web – assuming they are not offended by such content, of course. Tell your readers about the joys of porn sites such as Pornhub and XHamster. If they like that then they may be interested in virtual reality pornography – a new phenomenon which can make the viewer feel as if they are actually in the scene – which looks set to become the future of how people view porn.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas of how to present the adult industry to outsiders, and that it can help you give people a few pointers about how to find sexual fulfilment.


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