What Is a Foot Fetish?

Foot Fetishism are the most common with those who have a body part fetish. A study done in 2007 found that foot fetishism took up 33% of those who reported their body fetishes. This number may be higher because it is common to keep their “secret desires” private, but there are a large number of groups, both on and off line of those blonde girlwith the same fetish. There are several celebrities that have reported foot fetishes: Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, and even the infamous womanizer, Giacomo Casanova to name only a few.

It is impossible to go into detail of why someone would have a feet fetish or what kind, but most involve the person becoming aroused by either thinking or looking at feet. Their object of desire usually belongs to the gender, or genders, they are attracted to otherwise, but this is not 100%. Additionally, it is very rare that those with foot fetishism engage in criminal activity relating to their specific desires. How To Satisfy Your Foot Fetish In London?

What turns on someone with a feet fetish is unique to the individual. It could be the idea of having their partner use their feet as part of sex play or it could just be a particular look to the foot (size, shape, specific part of the foot, etc.). Footwear, either on the foot or off, jewelry, or hosiery can also be grouped in with foot fetishes. The smell or a specific way of being touched by a foot can also illicit arousal and are considered  foot fetish. The variety within the category of foot fetishes are limitless.

There has been a correlation between the rise in foot fetishism and recorded epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases. From as early as Europe in the 12th century, these two are connected. Even as recently as the AIDS

epidemic, there was a significant growth in the amount of the use of feet fetish in pornography and translated as a form of “safe sex”.

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We can divide people into various groups on the basis of various situations. In this division, we can also divide people into different groups based on their sexuality. While dividing people, we can make a group of people that are straight and we can also make a group of persons that are gay or lesbian. But apart from this, you can find many bisexual women as well in the world that can have Bisexual erotic escortsattraction for men and women both. But being bisexual is not an acceptable subject for many people and that is why many times bisexual women fail to find an erotic partner for their date.

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